SELOOT 10 Piece Home Gardening Tools Set


10 piece gardening items, including Carrying Bag, Weeding Knife, Pruning Shears, Small Round Shovel, Small Sharp Shovel, Large Round Shovel, Big Sharp Shovel, Three Tine Rake, Hedge Shears, Spray Bottle, Stainless Steel Scissors, the ideal gardening package.


Comfortable handles: Ergonomic style when operating eliminates hand and arm discomfort.

Shovel-treated shovel surface, rust-proof, simple to clean; scissors with blades of stainless steel, sharp, and a safety lock for safer use; injection-molded and highly durable plastic spray bottles.

These gardening instruments are light and can be borne about, making them suitable for almost any age, especially for elderly people with arthritis.

Simple to transport This gardening kit comes with a carrying case for improved finishing and safety of gardening equipment with a molded sorting slot. Eco-friendly, light and easy-to-carry plastic packaging