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Biodegradable Gifts

It would seem that there is always an upcoming birthday, anniversary, or another happy event in the life of a friend, family member, or co-worker waiting to be celebrated just around the corner. Since celebrations usually involve gift-giving, your budget is most likely taking one hit after another with each new invitation you get in the mail. However, your wallet is not the only one suffering when it is time to go shopping for yet another gift.

Unless chosen carefully, most gifts are anything but what you would call “eco-friendly”, which means they will eventually end up polluting the planet, one way or another. If you have started to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle, you might also want to change the way you buy your gifts. If you never thought about it until now, know that there are actually plenty of smart and sustainable gift ideas that you could consider.

This brief eco-friendly gift guide should help you discover a few cheap biodegradable gifts, most of which you probably had no idea even existed.

Why Opt for Eco Friendly Gifting?

  • You are passionate about embracing a more sustainable lifestyle and you would like to start making changes in all important areas of your life.
  • You are curious to know what zero waste gifts are so you can have some cool alternatives to think about next time you need to go shopping for a gift.
  • Looking for some special gifts for environmental activists and you would like to make sure that your presents will not pollute the landfills.
  • You are looking for some more affordable gifts that will not poke a hole into your wallet, and most eco-friendly gifts are usually cheaper than standard alternatives.
  • You wish to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum with the help of compostable and biodegradable, as well as items that can be reused.

The Best Gifts for The Environmentalist

Here are a few of the most interesting green, zero-waste, or biodegradable gift ideas that you should add to your list for the next time you need to buy something meaningful for a friend, relative, or significant other.

A Backpack Made From Recycled Billboards

Blue Q Tree biodegradable gifts

Did you know there are vividly colored backpacks made from old billboards that have been up-cycled and repurposed? This is not only a very unique gift idea for a teenage son or daughter, but also a cool gift for that friend or co-worker who always likes to go camping or hiking. The best models are the ones that are waterproof and weather-friendly as they can be used for longer.

Since most billboards are made out of PVC (polyvinyl chloride) or polyethylene (PE). PVC is not biodegradable, which is, needless to say, bad for the environment. However, there are companies that have chosen to resell their PVC billboards as heavy-duty tarps, duffle bags, backpacks, or laptop sleeves. While the billboards cannot be recycled, opting to buy their repurposed by-products will lower their impact on the planet.

Bracelets Made From Recycled Pairs of Flip-flops

Most flip flops are made out of modern-day fabrics including foam, rubber, plastic, fabric, or suede. Given the fact that rubber soles on a pair of flip flops will normally take anywhere between 50 to 80 years to fully decompose, opting for recycled bracelets made out of rubber flips flops sounds like an excellent idea all of a sudden, doesn’t it?

You can usually personalize these bracelets and have them made in your favorite colors or opt for an existing model and take great pride in the fact that you will be gifting someone a one-of-a-kind type of jewelry made of fabrics that would otherwise reach the landfills and pollute the environment.

Cooking Utensils Made Out Of Bamboo bamboo biodegradable gifts

Why opt for colorful plastic cooking utensils for a birthday gift for mom when you could give her a cool eco-friendly gift that is not only good for the environment, but that will also keep all her pans scratch-free?

No plastic, no rubber, no other chemicals for stirring favorite dishes while cooking. Bamboo cooking utensils are great in the dishwasher and manufactured using top procedures that make them extremely sturdy. They are excellent alternatives to plastic and metal cooking utensils, so you have every reason to add them to you list of eco-friendly gifts.

If you did not know this, bamboo is an amazing alternative to plastic thanks to its extra strength and durability and it is also a cool natural and biodegradable gift that all environmental activists will definitely enjoy receiving.

100% Compostable and Biodegradable Phone Cases

Choose your favorite color and pattern and gift yourself or a loved one a cool biodegradable phone case made of plant particles, or make one of your friends extremely very happy with this eco-friendly gift. These phone cases offer enhanced protection thanks to their hard-shells and they are very sturdy, so they can serve their purposes while looking beautiful and protecting the nature. Add them to your list of cheap eco-friendly gifts and thank yourself later!

Yoga Mats Made Out of Wetsuits


How does a yoga mat made from a recycled wetsuit sound to you as a gift? These are definitely suitable gifts for the environmentalist, no matter if they are yoga beginners or aficionados who have been practicing it for years. These special mats are designed in a sleek manner and they offer high levels of comfort and functionality. 

Other Cool Sustainable Gift Ideas to Consider

A cool zero waste gift idea is a shopping voucher, this way you can make sure the person receiving it will actually get something they truly want, instead of a poorly chosen gift that will end up in the bin. There are specialized zero waste stores online and offline that offer gift cards.

Eco-friendly coffee kits, beauty care products such as vegan soaps, house plans, compost bins or sustainable candles are also excellent gift ideas to consider.

If you are love DIY projects, why not make some cool tissue paper flowers or a colorful valentine for Valentine’s Day or a special anniversary? There are plenty of eco-friendly gifting ideas, all you need to do is take your time and do your research and let the shopping begin.

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Eco friendly gifting is the gifting of biodegradable, compostable, eco-friendly items that are made of recycled or repurposed fabrics and items. It is a sustainable shipping alternative that can lower your toxic impact on the environment and a habit that is often times embraced by environmentalists.

Jewelry made out of recycled materials, homemade candles, succulents and apartment plants, eco friendly phone cases, gift vouchers, and DIY cards are a few thoughtful and suitable gifts ideas for people who wish to adopt a more sustainable lifestyle.