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Organic Products – What Are They, Why Should You Buy Them

Organic products are the safest choice for green lifestyle seekers and the planet alike, and while manufacturers or farmers might find it more difficult, challenging, and expensive to manufacture them and actually be able to add that “organic” sticker to them, it is a struggle well-worth it. 

With government inspections meant to ensure there are zero antibiotics, harmful chemicals, aluminum, hormones, and synthetic substances used to create biodegradable or eco-friendly products, there is no wonder they come with the pricier tags at the market. 

However, organic products are so much more than a simple trend in the beauty, cleaning, gardening, or food industry, to name a few of the main industries they are a constant part of, and we are going to share a few of the most important insights on matters like organic vs. nonorganic, the benefits of using organic products, and we are also going to provide you with the main reasons to buy organic products.

What Are Organic Products?

Organic products contain zero aluminum, parabens, harsh chemicals, pesticides, fertilizers, and other similar toxins that pollute the environment and jeopardize our health. They are also made of biodegradable components and they are packed in biodegradable packaging that is safe to dispose of and non-harmful for the planet. This is critical for maintaining our health in good parameters and prevent various health issues associated with the use of non-organic products. 

For example, pesticides are known to be some of the most toxic substances that could reach the human body and wreak havoc in it. They can eradicate various microorganisms, as well as cause a series of health disorders, including different forms of cancers, allergies, neurological and fertility problems, and the list goes on. They are usually found in cosmetics like body oils, lotions, and butters, non-organic produce, coffee, and pretty much everything that does no carry the “organic” label found in stores.

Organic products have been proven to contain no pesticides, fertilizers, parabens, aluminum, or toxic chemicals. Plus, they come with a series of spectacular benefits for our well-being, such as an intake of larger amounts of healthy nutrients, with emphasis on fruits and veggies that might look a little stranger to the regular picture perfect you are used to seeing in large hypermarkets. 

An organic body lotion or toothpaste will not only help you lower the risk of allergies and other serious health problems due to repeated, daily use, but it will also help keep the environment cleaner and healthier.

You should easily recognize organic products thanks to their dedicated eco-friendly labels or markings on the labels, usually with the words “organic”, “biodegradable”, or “eco-friendly” written on them. They are usually fond in dedicated “organic” or “bio” isles inside stores and shops and they have dedicated market when it comes to organic foods sold by farmers.

How Are Organic Products Manufactured?

why we should use organic products

When it comes to organic foods, farmers use natural practices like the rotation of crops, composting, and natural handling of weed problems, as well as zero petroleum-containing fertilizers and pesticides known for stripping the soil of its crucial nutrients. Therefore, organic products contain zero toxins. 

Moreover, organic growth processes lead to the absorption of carbon dioxide, which means carbon emissions are lowered and the fight against climate change has a strong ally.

Plus, you should also know that natural products are not responsible for filling the bodies of water in the proximity of the soil with toxic runoff. This is what usually occurs whenever conventional forms of farming is used and chemicals are leaked into the soil.

Not to mention the fact that soil erosion is a critical matter that can quickly become dangerous and even life-threatening since it can generate drought and floods, as well as excess dust known to be responsible for carrying more than twenty different infectious disease microorganisms. With the help of organic practices  used by organic farmers, in the form of crop covering and conservation tillage, soil erosion is handled a lot better.

The list of organic products is extremely long and consists of items like organic cosmetics, soft drinks, flour, diapers, tampons, makeup, eating utensils, decorations that contain zero plastic and are made from 100% biodegradable and natural components, coffee, tea, clothes made from organic fibers and recycled materials, toothbrushes, personal hygiene and household cleaning products and so on. 

They are all manufactured and obtained through special processes that involve zero toxic substances in their making. By using them, you will not only feel better and stay healthier, but also get to cut your carbon footprint and send out fewer harmful chemicals in the environment.

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More Reasons To Buy Organic Products

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When it comes to organic farming, know that famers ensure all animals have plenty of space where they can roam freely in the great outdoors outside, while also being fed organic nutrients and enjoying the cleanest living conditions possible. 

There are legal requirements that are asking organic farmers to do this, so there is really no other way around it. Plus, the animals are never treated with the help of hormones that help them grow faster or harmful antibiotics, which means they live natural lives.

The standards and requirements that the rest of organic products must comply with also ensure that, by the time they reach the shelves, they are 100% natural, organic, and biodegradable.  

More Affordable Prices For Organic Products 

Usually, the higher prices of organic products are the only thing stopping most people from adding them into their shopping cards. However, with the help of things like farmers’ markets, as well as discount coupons for organic cosmetics and other specific biodegradable products, including a series of private label products and customer loyalty programs, organic shopping is more affordable than ever nowadays. 

Plus, showing more support to organic manufacturers means looking at some even more affordable organic products to choose from. Once the demand will shift entirely from non-organic to organic, the prices of organic products will start competing with themselves, which means they will become even more affordable.

Beauty Organic Products For Extra Shine And Glow

As previously stated, organic products are also found in the beauty industry, with lots of small companies worldwide struggling to convince people that their natural formulas are a lot more efficient compared to the regular synthetic formulas found in shampoos and face creams. Small companies manufacturing organic and all-natural beauty products currently lack the necessary exposure, resources, and commercial space needed to be widely recognized in the household sector. 

However, if you have at least once used an organic soap or face mask, you might have noticed the incredible difference compared to non-organic products containing synthetic substances. Your skin was probably a lot brighter and you had an undeniable glow that everyone noticed, your hair probably got a lot thicker and your nails started growing again.

If you are convinced that you should embrace a healthier, more eco-friendly lifestyle, and you have already started buying organic foods and biodegradable cleaning products, you should also embrace the organic beauty products. Think in terms of organic toothpaste (and toothbrushes), soap, shampoo, face masks, body lotions, and pretty much anything else you normally put on your skin. 

The battle between organic vs. non-organic products has been around for years and organic skincare products are excellent for the complex and natural skin in our bodies. The human skin can regenerate on its own when fed the right nutrients. Plus, organic skincare products can not only help us regenerate our skin, but they can also considerably reduce the risk of developing skin rashes – always an indicator of toxic chemicals. 

When synthetic non-organic products are used in the long term, they systematically your blood and lymphatic system and potentially trigger severe skin issues. Other health issues that non-organic products could cause refer to breathing problems, as well as chronic headaches, hormonal unbalances, some forms of cancers and many more.

Organic Products Do Not Contain Harsh Chemicals

While conventional, non-organic skincare products contain petroleum-based ingredients and other similar harsh substances, their organic counterparts are free from all of those. This means they will not cause any harm to the skin, nor to the surrounding environment. For example, think of something you use everyday: deodorants that contain aluminum, found in conventional products. 

Why would you want to keep introducing this metal into your body day after day, when you could opt for organic antiperspirants that are aluminum-free and paraben-free? You will not only bring your own contribution to the cut in unnecessary aluminum mining, but you will also keep yourself a lot healthier in the process.

The same goes for a number of other products, such as baking powder, baby formula, coffee, tea, personal hygiene products, cleaners, and many others. 

Organic Products Have Excellent Natural Fragrance

We all like to smell good and fresh, and the truth is the great majority, if not all non-organic products contain large amounts of chemicals meant to help us smell nice. However, when these chemicals are inhaled, they can trigger a number of health issues. Artificial fragrances can cause a lot of toxic effects, while natural fragrances derived from all-natural and organic ingredients do not come with these associated risks.

The natural scent and flavor of organic fruits and vegetables or the neutral, pleasant smell of various organic items is also an important factor to consider when shopping organic. 

Enjoy A Lower Risk Of Premature Ageing With Organic Products

It is not only about the skincare products that contain zero harsh chemicals that are also bad for the environment and can wreak havoc on your skin, but also about the organic foods that are known to promote better health and feed you with quality nutrients that will also promote glowing, healthy-looking skin that will age a lot slower. 

There are also plenty of organic makeup products that contain all-natural components rich in antioxidants and minerals known for their effects on shielding harmful UV rays that cause premature ageing. Opting for organic makeup products should help you obtain a much gentler skin tone, especially if you live in a country with a very warm climate.

Now that you have a deeper understanding of the main benefits of eating organic foods and using organic products for your skincare, makeup, household cleaning needs, and so on, you should be able to make better informed decisions. 

Adopting a green, eco-friendly lifestyle means paying attention to what you put in your system, on your skin, what your clean your home with, what packaging you choose and how you choose to heat or cool your home or do your gardening. All of these can have a powerful impact on the environment and your carbon footprint. Make sure you make the most conscious decisions at all costs and do your shopping as wisely as possible. 

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Organic products contain zero aluminum, pesticides, harsh substances and other toxins that could reach the human body and wreak havoc in it, while damaging the environment.

Yes. With the help of things like farmers’ markets, coupons, a series of private label products and customer loyalty programs, organic shopping is more affordable than ever nowadays.

Pesticides can kill various microorganisms and trigger fertility issues, cancers, skin allergies, vomiting, asthma attacks, neurological issues, birth defects and more.