Plant-Based 6pcs Kitchen Brush Set by HELLO NATURE

HelloNature Kitchen scrub brushes are made to give people the chance pick biodegradable and sustainable products over plastic. These plastic-free dish scrubbers are manufactured using coconut husks, sisal, bamboo wood and natural luffa, which are 100% natural and biodegradable and free of toxic chemicals!

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These are Non-scratching and Highly Robust Multi Functional Natural Bristle Brushes. High density bristles can be used on a number of surfaces such as cast iron pots, pans, bowls, bottles and more. The Loofah kitchen sponges are picked, flattened and then joined together to create a thick and densely made-up, long-lasting scrubber, the enduring portion of the oldest luffa.
An outstanding value has been the beautiful, hand made, natural wooden brushes and loofah sponges kit. This would not only support your zero waste, plastic-free lifestyle, but your kitchen as well. Ergonomic layout for the easy keeping and Hassle-free scrubbing. Long handled brushes are designed to get into hard-to-reach areas and cut through tough grease.